Tony Todd is the lead voice actor in a new super hero comic animation trailer!

Tony Todd is the lead voice actor in a new super hero comic animation promo film called ‘Focus’. Other supporting voice actors include Jesse Kove and Bryan Dodds.

The comic features an autistic super hero.

In an exclusive interview with Focus Comic, Tony Todd said:

Focus the comic book, is worth supporting because so many people need new heroes. Making the titular character, someone who’s struggling with social norms. And one who finds clarity while called to duty, is empowering. So many children struggling with autism find power and serenity in either drawing, or playing with crystal clear colors. Focus hopefully, will not only provide a hero worth cheering for, but a hero for the unspoken, on all platforms, for years to come. Focus” (Tony Todd: November 2 2017).

Pre order the comic at

Above: Tony Todd with Focus Comic Co Creator Yvonne Wan

Visit to learn more.

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